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Wednesday, April 27th 2011 Family Law

Smoothing a rough process
Palo Alto Online
White is one such expert who is able to use her specialized skills and experience to assist her real-estate clients through divorce sales. She worked as a family-law attorney for 16 years and has been a Realtor for the past 17. ...

Judge in McCourt divorce to speak at CSUDH commencement
Daily Breeze
An alumnus of the school, Judge Scott Gordon, the assistant supervising judge in the Family Law Department of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, has a son who will be among the many cap-and-gown-clad students at the Carson campus on May 20. ...

San Francisco Family Law Firm Addresses LBGT Domestic Partnership Headaches
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
The San Francisco divorce attorneys at Heath-Newton Family Law say that many gay and lesbian couples oftentimes discover that half of their earnings during the domestic partnership are deemed to belong to their partner. These clients also discover that ...

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Would-be family court reformers to rally Friday
The Union of Grass Valley
Black-clad protesters are expected to descend on the Nevada County courthouse in Nevada City at noon on Friday, demanding the court uphold an arbitrator's award that ordered an independent audit of the court's family law mediation ...

Brooke Mueller -- How to Juggle Parenting and Rehab
Brooke Mueller didn't get any tips from Dr. Spock on being an engaged parent and a rehab patient ... but she's figured it out to the satisfaction of the custody judge. Sources tell TMZ ... Brooke's most recent rehab -- for drug use -- is only part time ...

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Family Law Movies That Make Men Cry
Screen Junkies
The movie takes a stark, realistic and brave look at family law and how it impacts children and parents when going through the ongoing trauma of a divorce and its aftermath. "Mrs. Doubtfire" When Daniel Hillard (played by Robin Williams) loses custody ...

Ramos Family Law Web Site Offers Free Divorce Forms for Legal Information
Online PR News (press release)
Online PR News 02-April-2011 To assist customers in obtaining legal information, Ramos Family Law in Houston has made available a group of legal forms on their web site. These forms are intended to assist those dealing with Texas divorce law. ...

Seminar to inform women of divorce in down economy
Daily Pilot
Wives are more likely than husbands to enter into a divorce ill-informed about personal finances and unprepared for life after marriage, according to some divorce experts. Family law attorney Karen Rhyne of Michel & Rhyne in Newport Beach and Megan ...

Is family court broken?
The Union of Grass Valley
The family court services department is the division that provides family law mediation services and is run by Director Paul Jaffe. In Department 3, McManus hears cases having to do with dissolution of marriage, child custody and visitation, ...

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Online PR News (press release)

Celebrity Divorce Attorney Andree Taylor Reveals The Biggest Issue Celebrities ...
Online PR News (press release)
I am probably one of the only attorneys in the country who practices family law to have ever litigated a copyright infringement against Microsoft in a federal court. I enjoy it." Celebrity Divorce Attorney Andree Taylor is the managing attorney at ...

Forbes (blog)

Should You Disinherit Your Husband?
Forbes (blog)
Any property held jointly must be specifically addressed in the separation agreement (once again, state laws differ greatly, so please check with both your divorce attorney and a trust and estate attorney licensed in your jurisdiction). ...

Royal specter for William and Kate: divorce
Divorce has been common in the House of Windsor, and a prominent American divorce attorney doesn't see much hope for William and Kate. Divorce attorney Raoul Felder has earned a lot of nicknames over the years, representing such ...

Fritchey: Pending Divorce Explains More Than $24000 Owed In Property Taxes
Progress Illinois
Fritchey, who makes $85000 as a county commissioner, blamed his wife's divorce attorney for the lack of payment on the taxes as well as the fact that the couple defaulted on their Lincoln Park home mortgage. "My wife acted upon advice from her attorney ...

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Letters blog: This royal marriage could last
While in some instances divorce is necessary (untreated addictions, physical abuse), as a divorce attorney himself, I'll just bet that most of his clients simply report being unhappy. The normalizing of this disposability of marriage is what makes ...

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Protect yourself during a divorce with experienced League City attorney
Ultimate Clear Lake
As your divorce attorney, Beason is committed to protecting what's in your family's best interest while reassuring you that there are better times to come. He also does not want his bill to be a burden for the future. I do not believe in churning a ...

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Online PR News (press release)

Celebrity Divorce Attorney Andree Taylor Reveals The Biggest Issue Celebrities ...
Online PR News (press release)
We catch up with Celebrity Divorce Attorney Andree Taylor, who has represented everyone from movie stars, television personalities, and tech inventors to explain it to us: With offices in Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills, I invariably encounter the ...

Phoenix Divorce Attorney Discusses Beneficial Steps to Preparing For Divorce ...
PR Web (press release)
One of the most important initial steps before filing for divorce is to consult with a divorce attorney. All too often people wait to meet with an attorney until after they have left the home or told their spouse they are filing for divorce. ...

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Why is the Role of a Divorce Attorney Complicated?
Huffington Post (blog)
A good divorce attorney will step back and look at the big picture. Think of all these factors and remember that these cases are complicated and made even more so by the tremendous emotion that goes along with every divorce. Years ago, a friend of mine ...

PR NewsChannel (press release)

Los Angeles divorce attorney says Michael Douglas' ex-wife should not receive ...
PR NewsChannel (press release)
(PR NewsChannel) / April 19, 2011 / LOS ANGELES / Money never sleeps and neither do ex-spouses, says Christopher C. Melcher. The Los Angeles divorce attorneysays the Diandra Douglas should not receive any compensation from her ex-husband's new movie, ...

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Court suspends high-profile Cleveland divorce attorney's license
COLUMBUS -- Widely known, high-profile divorce attorney Vincent Stafford, 43, of Hunting Valley, was suspended Tuesday from practicing law for a year following an 18-page opinion and a 7-0 vote from the Ohio Supreme Court. ...

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Tony Perkins Loves To Lie About Gay Parents While Defending Arizona's New ...
Lez Get Real
Joining us for a 'fair and balanced debate.' Welcome to a debate featuring Tony Perkins, the leader of the hate group the Family Research Council. Perkins' first statements were flat out lie about how a child needs a mother and a father. ...

Advocates challenge state officials on second parent adoption
Michigan Messenger
There is nothing in Michigan's adoption law that says that the parties must be married in order to jointly adopt. Michigan's statute requires that if a person who wishes to adopt is married, his or her spouse must join in on the adoption petition, ...

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SodaHead News

Ark. high court finds adoption law biased against gay couples
Washington Times
An Arkansas voter-passed law that limits foster care and adoption to married couples and single persons violates people's right to privacy and is unconstitutional, the state's high court said. Act 1 unfairly bans an entire category ...
Ark. court upholds striking down adoption lawToday's THV
Q&A: The S&C Attorney Who Took on Arkansas's Adoption LawThe Am Law Daily
AR High Court: Adoption Law is
KSPR -QSaltLake -Boston Herald
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NBC29McDonnell Opposes Adoption Law Change
NBC 29 News
National News from AP Virginia News from AP Governor Bob McDonnell says he opposes a change to Virginia's adoption regulations that could force agencies to allow unmarried and same sex couples to adopt. Many faith-based adoption groups strongly oppose ...

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Ban Will Remain on US Adoptions: Ambassador
Voice of America
Cambodia passed an adoption law in December 2009. The law seeks to create an adoption process that complies with an international convention and ensures legitimate adoption. But so far, implementation of the law has fallen short. ...

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Tennessee's "don't say gay" bill advances
Neither North Carolina's nor Louisiana's law technically allows for same-sex parents to adopt a child together, but judges in more liberal areas of the states have been performing them anyway for years, waiving the parts of the adoption law that ...

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Attorney Brad Hertz Joins SF-Based Sutton Law Firm
Metropolitan News-Enterprise
L Graham of the Southern District of Ohio, successfully represented an indigent party in an adoption law dispute pending in the Supreme Court of Ohio, and studied abroad at the University of Oxford. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy, ...

Arkansas adoption fight nears end with ruling
Bay Windows
"We really shouldn't have to write the specifics of adoption law into the constitution." Now, Cox added: "Hindsight being 20-20, I would have done it as a constitutional amendment. We never imagined the court would strike down an adoption law the way ...

Court Says No to Two Dads on Louisiana Birth Certificate
Christian Post
This theory is unavailing in the face of the state's rational preference for stable adoptive families, and the state's decision to have its birth certificate requirements flow from its domestic adoption law, Jones wrote, according to The Associated ...
Gay Dads Can't Be Named on Son's Birth CertificateCourthouse News Service

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Gay Dads Lose Appeal To Be Listed on Child's Birth Certificate
Just Out (blog)
Chief judge Edith Jones wrote that the state's decision did not constitute unequal treatment, arguing that the Full Faith and Credit Clause does not require Louisiana to go against its adoption law to provide certain benefits to unmarried adoptive ...
5th Circuit upholds Louisiana's denial to gay dadsKeen News Service
Gay Couple Loses Birth Certificate Battle in the 5th CircuitCR-CL Amicus Online
Gay dads lose Louisiana birth certificate

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Chicago Tribune

Dwight Gooden gets probation in DUI case
Chicago Tribune
But Venezia found that Gooden, who lives in Old Tappan, met the criteria for sentencing under New Jersey's drug dependency law, which allows defendants to avoid imprisonment by agreeing to participate in a treatment program. Gooden, nicknamed Doc and ...
Dwight Gooden Gets Probation in NJ DUI
Ex-Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden gets probationPress of Atlantic City

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MLB Capsules - NL: Astros beaten by Padres
Brownsville Herald
But Venezia found that Gooden, who lives in Old Tappan, met the criteria for sentencing under New Jersey's drug dependency law, which allows defendants to avoid imprisonment by agreeing to participate in a treatment program. Gooden, nicknamed Doc and ...

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Binary report on Juvenile Law to be presented May 9
SENATOR Francis Escudero pushes for the suspension of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act pending amendments, as he is set to present a binary report on the law on May 9. The law has been earning flak from law enforcers and local executives as it ...

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Lawmaker supports Juvenile law amendment
SENATOR Francis Escudero is supporting the call to amend the juvenile justice law and proposes a suspension of its implementation pending the amendment. His statement came in reaction to the dropping of charges against minors ...

Report: Child deaths in county have declined over past 15 years
Daily Breeze
In 2006, the DCFS took newborn Grace and her five siblings to foster care, but eventually returned them home. DCFS interim director Jackie Contreras emphasized that "prior DCFS history" can refer to a broad range of contacts and services that can span ...

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The Ongoing Normal: Taxpayer Fraud in L.A. Foster Care
It is true, the author knows of no single individual in the Foster Agency system earning a million a year, but what about close to half that amount? Is that scandal enough for you? What if the same individuals worked in their Foster Agency office ... (blog)

Adoption Ruling Hurts Children
What these state officials and agencies ignored is that Virginia's foster care system is in dire need of adoptive families. There are currently more than 6000 children in the Virginia foster care system and over 1500 children waiting for adoption. ...
Virginia Board of Social Services Rejects Gay-Inclusive Adoption (blog)

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Agency Wants to Improve Foster Care Requirements
Courthouse News Service
WASHINGTON (CN) - The Children's Bureau of the Department of Health and Human Services plans to improve the process by which the Administration for Children and Families reviews state foster care compliance. If a state does not follow the federal child ...

EMQ FamiliesFirst and Wraparound Give Leyla the Tools She Needs for a Stable ...
Business Wire (press release)
The agency is recognized for innovative mental health treatment, foster care and social services that help families recover from trauma, abuse and addiction, and rebuild their lives. EMQ FamiliesFirst fights for sustainable change and advocates for ...

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State loses appeals on foster-care group-home cuts
San Francisco Chronicle
"These kids are in profound need of the state's assistance and support," said William Abrams, a lawyer for the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, whose nonprofit agencies operate 87 group homes with 3700 beds. "The state tried to balance ...

Changing the foster care system from the inside out
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
It's important that the system and the government, local government agency, recognizes foster youth who came out the system, who knows the in and outs of the system, and finally became much of a voice for foster youth. KERNAN: So what will it means to ...

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Epic birthday party
Redlands Daily Facts
(ERIC TOM/Staff Photographer) REDLANDS - All 4065 children in the San Bernardino County foster care system will receive a birthday present this year - and then some. The Bonnes Meres Auxiliary of Children's Fund announced 4850 gifts were collected for ...

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The Bottom Line

Artisan Court Provides Opportunities for Affordable Housing
The Bottom Line
[We] partner with different agencies to utilize their resources; we are working with Food Bank and SBCC to [set up] cooking classes, Watson said. While still in school and focusing on their long term educational goals, young adults leaving foster care ... (blog)

Illinois Dems Propose Anti-Gay Adoption Amendment (blog)
Haine said the groups he spoke to, who work with "hard to place" children, want to continue offering adoption and foster care services but do not want to approve applications that are inconsistent with their "right of conscious" and religious beliefs. ...

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